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Lesvos belongs to the islands of the North-eastern Aegean Sea, is the third largest Greek island after Crete and Evia and extends in 1630 sq. km. Its population is about 100,000 inhabitants and Mytilene is the capital of the island.

It is an island which presents a thriving ground of olive groves, rich in flora and fauna, small valleys and springs, mountain ranges and beautiful beaches. All these compose a unique scene of natural beauty.

The modern local economy is supported in the rural production and concretely in the cultivation of olive trees with the production of exceptional quality of olive oil as well as in the livestock farming and the fishery. Also the section of distillery is developed, having as main product the worldwide famous drink of ouzo. It's worth-noticing the fact that many inhabitants are professionally engaged in tourism.

Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos is built on 7 hills and it has about 25.000 residences approximately. It is one of the most ancient cities of Greece and it got its name by one of Makaros daughters, the first settles of the island.

You should visit: the Archaeological museums, the unique mosaics of Menadros house, the Byzantine Caslte, the Roman Aqueduct, therapeutic Spa in Therma, the Churches of Taxiarches and Agios Therapon , the museum of Popular Art such as the mountainous village Agiasos. It offers a green landscape with many picturesque and narrow streets and the Garden of Panagia with the age-long plane tree and the magical view.

Mithimna is one of the most ancient towns on the island and it is built on the top of which the medieval castle dominates. In the past it was a place of inspiration for many writers, poets and artists such as the poet Arion, who perfected the dithyramb and the writers Ilias Venezis and Argiris Eftaliotis.

You should visit: the Venetian Castle, the museum and the art Gallery.

Polichnitos is located to the south east part of the island among the pine-trees forests, springs and wonderful beaches.

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