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Ah Stratis

The certain is that travelers who finally arrive here are in danger of revealing themselves without compunction, because together with the revelation of this imperious rampart, they will be found in front of an absolutely authentic place that raises internal processes.

For many of us, it constitutes a famous place for the exiles during the difficult years of political juxtapositions in Greece.

The magic of a border island

Just when you board the ship “Aeolis” (if you choose to come through Lemnos) that will transfer you from the port of Myrina to the island of Ai-Stratis, is like going back in time. An old towering icebreaker constitutes the most true connection line of the two islands. You have to be prepared for one and only daily itinerary, while during your return, be prepared to wake up at unholy morning hours. Don’t ever except find it full, neither in August. A few cars or motorbikes, some dwellers that went for supplies or other works in Lemnos and some searching visitors that dare.

The landscape and settlements

Old settlement

The old settlement of the island was devastated per 80% from the earthquake of 1968. Some dilapidated houses with tiled roofs, within an insular simple but nostalgic architecture, are under restoration. Some romantic and enthusiast proprietors, new and old, want to see again the old town restored.

New settlement

The new settlement lies exactly nearby the sea. Neat little houses, yards with vine arbors and honeysuckle, almond-trees, lemon-trees and geraniums. The place preserves a unique luxury; the simplicity. Don’t expect to see a great market in the settlement. Be prepared to find a picturesque fishery village with two fish-shops, almost facing each other, selling today’s fresh fishes. Two-three mini markets will satisfy your necessary needs on daily products.

The area throbs with life in summers. Kids make bicycle wheelies on the cemented road of the port. A few cars, farming and passenger cars, which circulate the last few years, barely disturb you. These, simply, give a little sense of modern civilization’s invasion, but without eliminating anything from the virgin and nostalgically uncanny style of the island.

Have a taste of Ai-Stratis

Kids that don’t hurry to grow up, adults drinking the daily routine stoically, women like waiting for the uncertain future longingly. Everything around is small, beautiful and cute. Small incidents of momentary happiness and acceptable solitude, a dry scenery that claims the right to take a breath from the blue of Aegean and the azure of the sky. Pictures fixed only on the island’s dazzling light!

In the afternoon, the small port will tranquil your soul. If you are a craft owner, then here you will find what you want by plying the sea; the most leeward beaches for plunges and sunbathing, anchoring for a siesta at the shade of a rock, but also secure anchorage at the peaceful small port of Ai-Stratis. Each summer, tens of modern slips, speedboats or yachts pass from the island.

At the southeastern part, there is enough vegetation and a unique forest of self-sown oak-trees. Many rural roads (a 4x4 jeep will moan less) will lead you to different places of the island. The scenery’s purity, but also its virgin look, sometimes will make you to consider it as a large island.

Best of:

Proceed with the most relaxing exploration you’ve ever lived. Traverse earth-roads and be sure that these will lead you to a bay or a great sandy beach.
Certainly you will meet small private farms that present a biblical picture. Nine small farms spring up idyllically over the surrounding hills among the forest of oak-trees. Cows, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and ostriches (!!!) constitute their small population. Here, you will find delicious cheeses with an unforgettable taste, but unfortunately sufficient only for the local production.
A unique and absolutely virgin landscape, which will treat you to its calming breeze and if you are a confirmed fisherman, this place will reward you with its plethora of fish kingdom.
Here, the place is full of lobsters, fishes and large-size crabs that come out at shallow waters, early spring, and have completely their own savor.

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